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TEXTURE COAT POWDER/ White Enamel Powder


An excellent enamel product for both traditional scrolling and modern designs.  If mixed with different mediums, all types of effects can be achieved.


White Enamel Work:  For scrolling and traditional designs use a Copaiba based medium such as GRACELAIN Semi Open Medium or the Porcelain Palette All Purpose Medium.    If the medium used is an open medium, the paste will almost certainly flatten.   The Copaiba Based mediums give the pastework body and allows the pastework to keep its shape.


This product can be used over white porcelain or fired paint.  The paste fires opaque white.  LB Gold can be applied over the fired paste work – 2 light coats are best (firing in between).  Fire goldwork to 750deg.


The paste can be coloured with Onglaze paints no more than approx. 25% paint to 75% Texture Coat Powder.



Mix powder with medium to a stiff consistency until it strings off your Palette knife.  Sample your mix by applying dots – if the dots flatten the mix is too wet.  Add a little powder and remix.

 If the dots have pointy peaks, it is too stiff and dry.  Add a little more medium drop by drop.



MODERN TECHNIQUES:  Can be used to make Sand Paste textural paste.  See notes for this technique.          

Texture Coat

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