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Fires a Satin look  




This is the new replacement for the old I Relief.

It also can be used a substitute for White Raised Paste.

Firing Temp:  800deg.

Nu Relief fires a “satin look” (not shiny and not matt)

It is excellent for both traditional scroll work and modern textural techniques.

It takes LB gold beautifully.

Burnishing Gold can also be used.  Just add a little ochre paint with the white powder.

Fire and now apply Burnishing gold over.

Modern techniques: - I have used many oils and solvents to achieve different effects.  Here are some of the results

                 Water - didn't break up as much as the other solvents used - wide breaks

  Method - a very nice break up    

 8-1-1 Medium - broke up but not as wide as the Metho - still looked good 

  Gum Arabic - the most interesting - looked like small boulders.

Of course all these tests depended on how wet or dry the mix was -  don't mix too wet

The Test Tile is on my website along with photos of a beautiful piece decorated by Diddy Yeung using Nu Relief coated with Burnishing gold.

Tip from Erica Harrison for interesting textured  leaves.– mix Nu Relief with Gum Arabic and apply a light coat    over sketched in leaf shapes.  Upon firing, the texture will crackle and break up . Fire 800deg. 

 LB Gold, Copper or LB Platinum can then be applied.  Fire 750deg. 



Nu Relief

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