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for marbelising Lustre




Use as a Water Based Medium.  It sets very very hard, allowing you to paint over and around it.  Excellent for penwork and then paint over it.  Mix texture pastes with it, allow to set and then paint or lustre around the paste. Alternatively, apply lustre, mix texture with Gum Arabic and apply over the lustre.


Marbelise over lustre or LB Gold to create a random marbelised look. The results will be different each time.

With Red Covercoat, mask a wide area around the design.   Allow lustre to touch dry but a little “tacky”.  That is it does not come off on your finter.  Softly and  carefully brush Gum Arabic over with a soft synthetic brush.

 Do not overwork it as it could take off more lustre than required.

The thinner the application of G Arabic the smaller the crackle area, the heavier the application of G Arabic the larger the crackle area will be.

I dry with a hair dryer before removing Resist and firing.

NOTE:  It is best to mask a very wide area as if the G Arabic runs onto the porcelain and is left and fired onto the porcelain the runs will mark the porcelain .  If any G Arabic has run onto the porcelain wipe off quickly with metho and if this doesn’t work, with warm soapy water.  Once the G Arabic dries it sets like a rock.


Brush:  A soft synthetic brush about ½” wide works best.  Clean brush in warm soapy  water.

Tip:  When applying lustre, sponge a little to one side and used this as your “touch test”.  That is, when the touch test is dry (and a little tacky)  to the touch, you know the main area to be brushed with G Arabic is ready. 

If the lustre is too wet the brush will take off the lustre, if too dry, the lustre will not break up very much.  Do not leave overnight as it will be TOO dry.


Effects to try:

  • Apply LB Gold.  Fire.  Apply Blue Running Lustre and using the steps above brush Gum Arabic over.  A very interesting effect.
  • Paint an area with normal china paints.  Fire.  Brush LB Gold over and as above brush Gum Arabic over.


Textural effects -  Mix your paint pigment with a texture powder and mix with GA.  If applied lightly and loosely it will run and create effects.  Apply it heavy and the mix will crack and texturise.

Mix GCC Nu Relief with G Arabic apply with a palette knife heavily and you will get a rocky effect.     


Tip from Erica Harrison for interesting textured  leaves.– mix GCC Nu Relief with Gum Arabic and apply a light coat over sketched in leaf shapes.  The texture will crackle and break up.  Fire 800deg. 

 LB Gold, Copper or LB Platinum can then be applied – for a satin finish.  Fire 750deg.

Gum Arabic

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