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Classes for ADULTS

  • Regular class 

Wednesday and Friday : 10am~1pm 

Monday and Thursday : 6pm - 9pm

Saturday 10am-1pm , 2pm-5pm

Please inquire for available days.

  •  Advanced Class

You can do various art activities through porcelain painting.

You can open a private workshop, teach students, work as a lifelong porcelain painter or whatever you desire.

* APAT member registration information

​* Issued: Certificate of completion



  • One day class (All supplies included)

You can create your very own painted porcelain just with 1 or 2 trial classes.

Experience porcelain painting with your friends, family, and lovers.

Please make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance.  

Classes for Children

  • Children's experience class

With the freedom of design and creativity, children can make their very own and unique plate.

Time: 2 hours

Age: Kindergarten ~ Year 12

Number of people : 2 ~ 6 people (group reservation)​


  • Want a special birthday party?

Gift your child a special birthday of chatting and painting with friends.

Please make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance.  

Time: 2 hours  

Age: Kindergarten ~ Year 12

Number of people: 4 to 8 people  ​

After the class, it is possible to do a cake celebration if you have prepared one. (30 minutes, location provided)

# Works that have been completed can be picked up after firing in the kiln.​

(Takes approximately 1 week.)


Workshop, Demo

  • Grace's Porcelain Painting Exhibition, Workshop, Demonstrations are held in Australia  

  •  Invitational Lectures at Porcelain exhibitions that are hosted by various countries around the world

  • Online seminars, workshops  

  • ​One-on-one lessons at the artist's* studio in Sydney,  group lessons, workshops

​* Grace's

For inquiries about all seminars, workshops and demos, please email us.

Online Class
Korean / English

  • For those who own a personal kiln,

  • Applies to porcelain painting intermediate or higher (at least 1 year of introductory painting)

  • Porcelain Painting Expert / Advanced Course (Issued: Online Course Completion Certificate) ​

  • Monday ,Tuesday and Friday (Korean)

Marble Surface


Thank you!

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